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Salt Depositing

Stainless Accent - Angled

Christy Salter: For Precision Salt Depositing

Stainless Accent - Straight
Stainless Accent - Straight
Exploded Parts View

Our most niche and targeted depositing system, the Christy Salter is our answer to precision salt depositing. Engineered to handle super-fine to fine salt grain sizes, and has also been used for fine spice mixes. Featuring a completely bolt-together, low-wear design, this system delivers stellar performance with high sanitation.

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The Christy Salter is by far our most simple system to operate, with just a single adjustment parameter. This also allows for very little wear-and-tear and low-frequency parts replacement. 

Simple - Flexible - Reliable

Stainless Accent - Straight
Stainless Accent - Straight
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The Christy Salter is available in deposit widths from 12 to 48 inches.


The only standard modification we offer for this model is is a heavy-duty internal framing system for longer units. 

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