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Our History

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Christy Machine & Conveyor has been providing solutions for food manufacturing since 1953. We offer a full line of standard Ingredient Depositors as well as conveyors and fully customized equipment. 

What sets our equipment apart is our commitment to Quality, Reliability, and (most important) Simplicity. We make it our goal to consider the actual end-user of our equipment, the factory floor Operator. The person who will be handling and manipulating our units every day and needs to be able to do so easily and quickly. We strive to deliver high quality, turn-key systems that can be operated with minimal training while maintaining the highest sanitation standards and most reliable functionality. 

Our long history helps us to better understand the needs of our food industry customers and provide them with solutions to their unique manufacturing needs. We love custom projects and unique, odd-ball solutions; some of which go on to become a new standard in our product catalog. Take a look through our site to see what we can provide and find out if you can benefit from the Christy difference.

     D. Lamar Christy founded Christy Machine Company in 1953 with a simple flour duster for bread lines. It was quickly discovered that the Christy Duster could be successfully used to dispense a much wider variety of ingredients. In a few short years Christy Dusters were in use across the food industry. Mr. Christy retired in 1986 and Randy Fielding, then Vice President and long-time employee, became Christy Machine's President and Owner. Mr. Fielding oversaw the development of several new Christy models, such as the Recipro-Grater and Flex-Top, that were able to handle ingredients that fell outside the range of the Christy Duster. During this time Christy Machine was also producing conveyors and custom equipment on a small scale. In 2016 Mr. Fielding retired and our current President and Owner Alexander Robinson took the helm. Mr. Robinson started with Christy Machine in 2006 and has served as a polisher, welder/fabricator, CAD operator, Foreman, and Vice President before coming to his current position. In early 2017 Mr. Robinson decided to re-brand Christy Machine Company to Christy Machine & Conveyor and began to offer conveyors and custom equipment as part of the standard Christy catalog.

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What We Do

   Christy Machine & Conveyor designs and produces automated food manufacturing equipment. We offer a wide range of products and services, specializing in Ingredient Depositors. Our offerings range from single depositors or conveyors to complete system solutions at every level of automation. We have over 60 years of experience answering our customer's food production needs with unique, customized solutions. We also offer a consultation service for those customers who need assistance with the design and layout of new line or facilities.

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CMC Test Lab

     We are a "standard custom" shop meaning that we offer a catalog of standard, baseline equipment that is then customized to fit each customer's needs. Our customers complete and send our Request/Order Form (located in the Contact Us section). For Depositor-Only projects we also require a sample of the customer's ingredient material so we can perform a test in our lab to determine the correct machine model and setup required. A demo video is then sent to the customer along with a quote for review and approval. For larger or specialized projects, we will conduct an engineering visit at the customer's facility to review the project location and ensure the accuracy of our system design

How We Work

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CMC Crew - Founder & Crew
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