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Dry Ingredient Depositors

Stainless Accent - Angled

Recipro-Grater: For Moisture-Heavy Ingredients

Stainless Accent - Straight
Stainless Accent - Straight
Exploded Parts View

The Christy Recipro-Grater offers a unique solution to the challenges of depositing moisture-heavy materials. Originally developed to deposit shredded cheese, this model has become our answer for a wide variety of moist ingredients like chopped/rehydrated onions and vegetables, crumbled streusel, scrambled eggs, and even ground meat.

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Simple - Flexible - Reliable

Stainless Accent - Straight
Stainless Accent - Straight
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The Christy Recipro-Grater is currently available in deposit widths from 12 to 50 inches. Add-ons, mods, and options available depending on customer needs and product testing.

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