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Conveyors &
Custom Equipment

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Reliable Simplicity

Our commitment to quality and sanitation is something we take very seriously. So often you find equipment in the food industry that is low budget, and therefore low in reliability and sanitation standards. And what's the big deal right? It's just a simple conveyor taking things from one place to another. However, in our line of work those things end up in the mouths of our customers, affecting their health and quality of life. At Christy Machine & Conveyor we make this our top consideration in our design process. For decades our Ingredient Depositors have been well known for their high sanitation and functional standards. We apply these same practises to every piece of equipment we produce whether its a simple straight conveyor, or our unique Pan-Scraping System, . From allergen concerns, to ease of cleaning and operation, you can rely on a Christy machine to delivery the fuction you need at the standards you want.

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Straight Conveyors

Incline Conveyors

Z Incline Conveyors

Right Angle Transfer

Staggering Conveyors

Spiral Conveyors

Indexing Conveyors

Continuous Run

Panning Systems


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Granola Panning System

Integrated Reclaim-Fill Systems

Automated Fill Systems

Custom Bucket Lifts

Cooling Tunnels

Ingredient Crumblers

Pan Scraping Systems


Robotic Packaging

Robotic Tray Loaders

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Custom Equipment

Z-Incline Conveyor
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Process Flow Design

Complete Facility Design

Production Line Design

Automation Integration

Design Consultation

Ingredient Waste Reduction

Sanitation Consultation

Control Programming

Food Production System Concept


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