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Get to know us better with this brief overview of the awesome

people who make Christy Machine & Conveyor possible

Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson

President/Owner (chief devil's-advocate)

Alex came to CMC in 2006 as a shop laborer in our polishing department. He has served in the positions of polisher/finisher, machinist, head welder/fabricator, lab tech, CAD operator, design engineer, Foreman, and Vice President of Operations. He achieved his current position of President and Owner in 2016, continuing our company history of employees-turned-owners. His broad personal history within the company gives his leadership a foundation of practical hands-on experience as he works to better serve our customers and grow our business.

Notable Contribution(s):

- Developing welding and polishing methods to increase sanitary finish

- Developing the latest model of the Christy Precision Pattern Control

- Expanding CMC catalog to officially include conveyors and custom equipment

- Hiring people smarter than him

Less Notable (or appreciated) Contribution(s):

- Sudden silence and faraway look when struck with a new idea

- Building his own office desk

- Painting his  very first welding helmet to (kind of?) look like Darth Vader's mask

- Inflicting barely relevant trivia on nearly every shop discussion

- Establishing a bathroom cleaning schedule

Kevin Wilbur.png

Kevin Wilbur

Foreman (human CNC)

Kevin started with CMC in 1999 through a work placement program from Vanguard Technical Center here in Fremont, Ohio where he studied machine trades. He hired in as a full-time machinist after graduation. He currently boasts the most shop hours of any of the crew and his long experience has earned him the title of Human CNC. He personally assembles nearly every Christy machine and is solely responsible for making our precision depositing shafts.

Notable Contribution(s):

- Improving the machining methods for our Grooved and Toothed Shafts

- Formalizing machine assembly practices

- Updating and improving consumable and tolling organization

- Streamlining project flow

Less Notable (or appreciated) Contribution(s):

- Innumerable hunting and fishing decals on his toolbox

- Drawing a spiderweb on his caliper case

- Nicknames for everyone (except himself)

- Bucket stool

Pam Pendleton

Pam Pendleton

Office Administrator (company brains)

Pam has had the privilege of working with every CMC owner to date. She began as one of our secretaries in 1995, and is now in charge of payroll, purchasing, and inventory, as well as aspects of customer relations. Her long experience with our company makes her an invaluable source of information of customer history and previous project details. However, her most important function is that of Shop Mom, in which she expertly corrals our fun-loving crew into some semblance of acceptable professionalism.

Notable Contribution(s):

- Developing a long standing and personal relationship with our suppliers. 

- Greatly improving inventory tracking and organization

- Instilling dread fear in any crew member who messes up inventory organization

- Willingness to give straight-forward and useful advise for leadership team

Least Notable (or appreciated) Contribution(s):

- Inspirational squirrel pictures

- Willingness to give straight-forward and useful advice (i.e. frustratingly accurate corrections) for leadership

Hagan Bjerga

Hagan Bjerga

Design Engineer (resident millennial - functional)

Hagan was brought on board in 2018 after graduating from the Colorado School of Mines with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. As the head of our engineering department, he works with our customers throughout the concept and design process. He is directly involved with R&D and lab testing when a unique solution is required and his ability to step out onto the shop floor and produce concept parts allows him to quickly prove out new concepts

Notable Contribution(s):

- Bringing large improvements to our design and R&D capabilities

- Providing ongoing assistance in streamlining our manufacturing processes

- Consolidating our data network and storage (65 + years of files makes a mess)

- Introducing 3D printing for R&D

Least Notable (or appreciated) Contribution(s):

- Adjustable standing desk

- Actually using his gag gifted iridescent unicorn calendar

- Use of the term "In any case"

Anthony Steinmetz

Anthony Steinmetz

Lab Technician (ascetic philosopher)

Anthony started out in our polish department in 2017. His thorough performance and amazing attention to detail quickly earned him the position of Lab Tech in early 2018. He is responsible for conducting all tests of customers' samples to determine the correct depositor model and component setup needed to achieve our customer's depositing goal. He also produces our demonstration media to prove out testing results. He holds an Associates Degree in CAD and Manufacturing from Terra State Community College, which assists him in producing custom parts for testing and R&D

Notable Contribution(s):

- Improving Sample intake and tracking practices

- Streamlining organization of the Test Lab 

- Refining testing practices

- His ever present notebook

Least Notable (or appreciated) Contribution(s):

- Painting every possible surface of the Test Lab and Holding Area

- Tea pot ... in the shop ... where people can see it

- Incessant podcasts 

- Escalating  his friendly prank war with Travis

Jim Wilbur.jpg

Jim Wilbur

Head Machinist (MacGyver)

Jim came to us in 2016 and quickly proved his exceptional ability to quickly and elegantly solve complex fabrication problems. He has spent most of his career in plant and machine maintenance, which required the constant development of custom, high functioning solutions. He has been instrumental in finalizing and simplifying new equipment concepts that have since become standard offerings. Every Christy depositor now comes standard with our new "Jim Rod" safety system. He and his brother Kevin (Foreman) form the core of our machining capabilities.

Notable Contribution(s):

- Simplifying and finalizing the design of our new Adjustable C-Frame

- Developing the "Jim Rod" safety system

- Improving the sanitary design of our depositor lids

- Ability to immediately spot errors in shop drawings (poor Hagan)

Least Notable (or appreciated) Contribution(s):

- Friendly chuckle when pointing out a flaw or mistake (poor Hagan)

- Saying "Oh that'll never work", and then making it work his way

- Letting everyone hear the music from his earbuds while they are in his  ears

Travis Vollmar

Travis Vollmar

Head Polisher (suspiciously normal guy)

Travis is our current Polish Master in charge of "Sand Land", our famous Polishing Department. Starting in 2016 as a general shop helper, Travis has expanding his capabilities beyond machine cleanup to include machining and welding. He and his team are responsible for the majority of our shops welding prep and cleanup, as well as machine layout and stock prep. His is primarily responsible for polishing our machines and parts to the extremely high sanitary finish standards which, along with our machines' performance, has set us apart in our industry.

Notable Contribution(s):

- Simplified polishing methods

- Improving the organization of the Polishing Department

- Hanging layout formula charts so the poor guys don't have to walk to the other end of the shop to get their dimensions

Least Notable (or appreciated) Contribution(s):

- Picking a prank war with Anthony

- Circle Game master

Jabyn Nitschke.jpg

Polisher (enigmatic Marine Veteran)

Jabyn is a member of our polishing crew, preparing machine parts and components for welding and assembly, and ensuring that every machine we manufacture meets the highest sanitation standards. He graduated from Fremont Ross in 2014 and served in the Marine Corp after graduation, receiving his honorable discharge in 2018. He has also recently become a major part of our metal artwork production.

Notable Contribution(s):

- Immediate competence

- tbd

Least Notable (or appreciated) Contribution(s):

- Complete inability to be phased by pranks or light hazing

- Broke both elbows (still came to work though)

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