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Moist Powder Depositor

Stainless Accent - Angled

FLEX-TOP: For Depositing Moist Powders

Stainless Accent - Straight
Stainless Accent - Straight
Exploded Parts View

The Christy Flex-Top was originally designed to handle parmesan cheese, and has since been used to deliver consistent depositing of similar moist powders and spice mixes.

The Flex-Top's unique Agitation System and interchangeable Flex Plate help to minimized clumping and provide gentle, consistent deposit.

Simple - Flexible - Reliable

Stainless Accent - Straight
Stainless Accent - Straight
Dep Sys Features Chart-12.png

The Christy Flex-Top is currently available in deposit widths from 10 to 36 inches. Add-ons, mods, and options available per customer need and product testing.

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Dep Sys Fill Compatibility Chart-11.png
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