Salt Depositors

For Depositing Depositing of Super-Fine to Medium Grain Salts

Stainless Accent - Angled

The Christy Salter (Model SR) is the ultimate in precision salt depositing. Specifically engineered to deposit medium to super-fine granular salt, the Model SR provides consistent, reliable performance for toppings and inclusions. The enclosed operating system is built to withstand the inherent challenges of wear and

corrosion that are always present with granular salt. The Model ST also features a bolt-together design with minimal welding, further reducing the chance of rust. This model is also equipped

with only one control parameter making it very simple to operate.

Standard Models:

Base Model

High Capacity

Potato Chips - Roasted Nuts - Chocolate Candies - Garlic Bread - Pretzels - Crackers - Prepared Burgers - Artisan Baked Goods - Caramel Candies - Snack Foods


list is not exhaustive