• Senior Citizens
  • Mentally/Physically Challenged
  • High Risk Adolescents

Building "Self Esteem" through accomplishments as a Cooperative Unilateral Entity !

Providing "Products and Services" from a closed grocery store in your neighborhood !

Angels Inc. ® is a privately held corporation that exists solely on the concept of people helping people.

Angels Inc. ® is about taking what society calls the three "throw-away" groups and teaming them into a self-help unilateral entity to provide products and services to the general public.

The three groups involved with Angels Inc. ® will be senior citizens, mentally/physically challenged, and adolescents with adolescents being the primary focus of Angels Inc. ® , having the most to gain from formation of Angels Inc. ®

Angels Inc. ® Will offer senior citizens something very challenging and rewarding to do with their free time while mentoring the adolescents by sharing life experiences, offering Godly wisdom, encouraging a "Can Do" spirit, and expressing tough love when necessary. The program will give seniors an opportunity to help the high-risk youth of our community in their time of need to help mold these adolescents into finely sculptured adults.

Mission Statement

Angels Inc. ® "Code of Ethics"

  • Keep your heart free from hate
  • Keep your mind free from worry
  • Keep your body free from abuse
  • Live simply
  • Expect little
  • Give much
  • Think of the other person first and foremost
  • Always do to others as you would expect them to do to you
  • Praise God and thank Him for everything, always

For more information, contact:
Randy L. Fielding
Call: 888-332-6451     Fax: 419-332-8800